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Self-motivation or internal discipline is what keeps you going through the long and lonely struggles of growing a business...


Most people feel discipline is something that is done to them.


Internal discipline is something you do, or don't do yourself...


Internal discipline gives you the power to leave your comfort zone. It’s required to explore new realities and new ideas. Internal discipline helps you dream and see into possible futures, it’s what allows you to unleash your imagination.


Many people would love to be entrepreneurs, but lack the skills, courage, and discipline to survive in business.


Rather than risk starting their own businesses, most people seek safer environments, preferring job security to freedom and a steady paycheck to greater wealth.


Many cling to job security because the fear of failing is greater than the joy of freedom.


However as we grow older or should I say wiser we realize that if were ever going to give it a shot...now's the time...


One more thing I want to say about Internal discipline before you go on reading...it forces you to learn, to contemplate, and get educated before you take action.


Internal discipline comes first when you evaluate your skills, your education, your experience and in this scenario your product or idea you want to turn into a business. 


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