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Self-motivation is one of keys necessary to begin, maintain, and complete this journey. You have it, you simply have to keep it simple.

What I mean by that is don't try and reinvent the wheel, just study and learn from those who have gone before you and make adjustments along the way.

This thing called life is really set up to benefit (individually), in other words what's for you is for you. If you take the (action) you can recieve the rewards but only you can do it, not me...not your father...not your mother, only you.

My question then becomes, are you ready to take the action? Because then and only then can you muster the motivation it take to sustain the ups and downs involved with becoming an Owner, an Entrepreneur, the CEO of your company.

If you are take a look inside the store I created, it has books I've written, audios I've created, I even have some people I affiliate for inside. I like to use the word created because it makes me think of a time before I was in this life, then I was created by my creator who then gave me the power to create the life I want. Guess what! He gave you that same ability

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Excuses are monuments of (Nothing)  that build bridges to (No Where).