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Don't wait around and let everyone else showcase their skills and talents.

Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying,"Make me feel important." Never forget this message when working with people.

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Let this be the year you begin!

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You and you alone are responsible for the success or failure you recieve in this life EXCUSES and BLAMING OTHERS will never get you the results you want.

About Us

Larry at a Glance

I am someone who sees the value in most people and most things.

I believe we can all learn something from everyone or their experiences.

I believe most people's biggest issue is dealing with self.

I'm an Author/Speaker/Consultant.

    My Company

    I like to think of myself as the "Example" not perfect by any stretch but someone who cares for others and not only about myself.

    One of the reasons I created my company was to help educate people on the processes of starting their own online business.

    While growing up as far back as I can remember I was always taught to get a job, to work for someone else.

    And for many, many years I did just that. Today after 7 years of setting up my own company and writing several books on the subject. I felt compelled to share that information with those who like myself for a very long time believed that business ownership was only for someone else.

    Now, that we're in the 21st Century technology has enabled literally everyone to have the ability to begin the journey of creating their own online business based on what they already know a little about or something they love.

    Which is where I come in, because as you know from day to day jobs are going away and the one's that are here are either low pay and long hours or "ok" pay but you hate the work, and the list goes on.

    And with a small paradigm shift, and a strategy to begin the process broken down and explained in a very simple way almost anyone who wants to have their own business can.

    Finally, as I watch the way the world is evolving with high incarseration and even higher illiteracy, I know those people won't be able to just go out and get a job like perhaps you and I could. Therefore, I wanted to make a conscious effort to reach and teach many of those who wouldn't otherwise be able to support a family, their community or even see life as a beautiful thing.

    Feel free to join me on this journey by sharing who I am and what I do to all that you can.

    You can also email me at larry5969@sbcglobal.net  to book me to speak for your group or organizations, use in the (subject line) "I want to join the journey".