Where I Specialize in teaching you how to set up the Foundation of your online business, while helping you become more comfortable Speaking about it.

Also, organize and optimize your social media profiles.

About Us

Larry at a Glance

I am someone who sees the value in most people and most things.

I believe we can all learn something from everyone or their experiences.

I believe most people's biggest issue is dealing with self.

I'm an Author/Speaker/Consultant.

    My Company

    Speakwithlarry.com is the name of my company, kind of different right? Well before you criticize my decision let me share my story for coming up with that name.

    When I decided to start a business to help others set up the foundation of their business, I quickly realized a couple of things, in order to grow your business  requires that you speak about what it is you do.

    I also believe that there are 3 elements to setting up the foundation of your business which are: Belief, Knowledge, and Accountability.

    What we've found to be the case is that most new business owners lack a certain level of belief within themselves, at least initally.

    And by increasing their knowledge about the business they want to start, that increases their belief in themselves.

    And in conjunction to that we hold them accountable by helping them set and reach a series of short term goals that are inline with their business, which in turn, also increases their belief in themselves.

    After increasing my belief in myself well guess what, I quickly discovered that I had a fear of speaking in public, perhaps you can relate. But because I'm a very driven person I knew I had to overcome that fear. So I joined Toastmasters, and gave presentations. I would also speak for Chamber of Commerce events. Now today I still get a little nervous but I don't let  that stop me, and neither should you.

    Now doing all that speaking, I decided to combine the business I was creating which was teaching others to set up the foundation their own online business, with speaking. Since just like myself in order for your business to grow to the next level, you too, at some point will have to speak about it.

    That ladies and gentlemen is the way Speakwithlarry was created. That was a short 5 years ago, and I'll never forget when I began I couldn't even complete an email to someone. I was completely computer illiterate, again perhaps you can relate.

    Now since I've walked the walk now I talk the talk... 


    You can also email me at larry5969@sbcglobal.net  to book me to speak for your group or organizations.