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Where I Specialize in teaching you how to set up the Foundation of your online business, while helping you become more comfortable Speaking about it.

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Your opportunity to change your life is only "one" decision away.

The dictionary defines a consultant as
"an expert in a particular field who works as an advisor either to a company or to another individual."

A consultant's job is to consult.
Nothing more, nothing less. It's that simple.
There's no magic formula or secret that makes one consultant more successful than another one.

However, what separates a good consultant from a bad consultant is a passion and drive for excellence.
And--oh yeah--a good consultant should be knowledgeable about the subject he or she is consulting in.

Today it behooves everyone to consider having some type of what I call "A Side Hustle".

Something you can begin slowly and grow over time while generating a profit in the process.

12 Questions to ask yourself before starting your Consulting Business.

1. Can you identify a couple of skills you have already?
2. How long have you been doing those skills?
3. Would you be willing to share information about those skills with others?
4. Could you see yourself as a business owner?
5. What mode of communication do you enjoy more audio, video, or writing? 
6. Do you think owning a business requires a degree?
7. Would you consider yourself to old to learn?
8. Can you make a decision and stick to it over time?
9. Do you think you would be comfortable as the owner of your own business?
10. Do you have any idea how easy it is to have an online business today?
11. Would you be willing to work on your own personal development from here on?
12. Would you be willing to study and learn from other experts.

There are many advantages to having a home based business. A few of them are:
1. Low overhead expenses.
You don't have to worry about paying rent or utilities for an office;
you will appreciate this feature while establishing a regular client base.
2. Flexibility.
There is little doubt that operating as a consultant at home gives you a great deal of flexibility.
You can set your own hours and take time off as you need it.
No rush-hour nightmares.
For anyone who has had to commute to and from a job during rush hour,
this will be a welcome change of pace.
3. Your home office space will most likely be tax-deductible.
The IRS has relaxed the rules for people who work at home,
but check with your account or income tax preparer to see if you qualify for this deduction.


 I also have a Podcast Show I do once a week to talk about a variety of topics, below are some of the shows I've created to date, however, beginning in February I am allowing a client by the name of "Algene Tolbert" to host my show for 90 day talking about a variety of facinating topics as well feel free to click on the link and subscribe.

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Consulting is a Business.