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Where I Specialize in teaching you how to set up the Foundation of your online business, while helping you become more comfortable Speaking about it.

Also, organize and optimize your social media profiles.

Before you can learn what to do, you must first take a look at yourself and evaluate yourself to discover if you're willing to make the changes and find the dicipline necessary to become an entrepreneur...

Welcome to my site, it's a pleasure having you here.

The first thing I want you to know is that I'm someone whose had the pleasure of growing his own business for the past 5 years and what I do here is help you set up the foundation of your own online business.

Now that's not a very difficult task you simply have to follow a series of short term commitments designed to assist you with gaining a specific type of knowledge about the business you choose to start.

The world we live in today is requiring many people who are not really computer literate to become that way, and if you're not real strong in understand computers or the internet I will also assist you with that.

One of the things I suggest new business owners do before starting their business is to base it on something they like or have a passion for and not for the amount of money they can make.

Understand, when you're growing a business it takes time, which is why the sooner you begin the better.

During my 5 years into my company I've been able to do much more than simply teach others how to set up the foundation for their business, I've also written several books on the subject both paperback and eBook format.

I 've created several CD's also designed to help set up the foundation, I have over 700 videos on YouTube also designed to help set  up your business, and as of June of 2014 I've created my own radio show, also known as a podcast.


 Now,what exactly is a podcast, it's where you post episodes about your particular topic, or you have interviews with other professionals, both in person and via skype. Below are some links to my podcast called: "Speakwithlarrys Podcast" feel free to listen and subscribe,simply click on the title and when my photo pops up, click on the black dot at the top left on my photo.